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Tantric Massage and Cuddling

Tantra Sacred Hug Practice benefits

It is a traditional Tantra practice of Samma Karuna. When we hug with presence and heart, we reconnect with ourselves and others in a deep and meaningful way. During this tantric practice, we learn and experience how to transform a regular hug into a sacred practice that allow us to recognize and honour the heart and presence of the other person. Hugging in this way allow us to recognize and cultivate the divine light, pure goodness side in ourselves, as well as to recognize this energy in others.

Hugging with presence also helps us to understand and feel that we are not separate beings. This sacred practice can bring healing, understanding, and joy.

Tantra cuddling is a form of showing unconditional love

“There’s much to be said for connecting from the heart and feeling each other’s energy. Though this does not necessitate physical contact, hugs are great in this way and in Tantric circles, you’ll notice they last a few minutes and involve slowing down, dropping into the body, being more present in the connection between the two people, conscious breathing and enhanced receptivity to whatever arises in the space of the hug, notably emotions and subtle energy sensations.”

What can we do to help to open and heal our hearts in a Tantric session?

To become fully empowered, we need to be strongly connected to our authentic self, trust our capacities to express ourselves, creating safety and feeling self-love.

Intimacy, sensuality, and sexuality are amazing means to explore and cultivate this power. It invites us through self-inquiry to face what is holding us back. Not only through mental processes and analyses but through physical imprints, can we let go of old patterns and limiting beliefs?

Tantra teaches us to be fully present with ourselves in this very moment, experiencing our chakras (energy centre) and connection.

A Tantric Cuddle is special because:

✴ We connect with the chakras, tuning in to what is alive in you at this moment. ✴ We use our breath to connect with ourselves, our hearts and the source of unconditional love inside us. How does it feel to connect with someone from this space? ✴ besides structured exercises, there is free space to connect and cuddle in your own way.

I focus on loving, conscious touch..

Tantra is an ancient Indian practice that dates back more than 5,000 years. In Sanskrit, the word tantra means woven together. People who practice Buddhist and Hindu meditation may also practice tantric sex as a way to “weave” the physical with the spiritual.

This practice brings together spirituality and sexuality and emphasizes the importance of intimacy during a sexual experience.

Another misconception around tantra is that it’s always necessary to have a partner. While many couples practice tantric sex together, it can also be an individual practice.

In reality, genital contact or intercourse doesn’t even have to happen to have a tantric experience. Sexual intercourse can enhance your experience, but you can also practice tantra to feel more connected to your own mind and body and give yourself pleasure.

In fact, those who practice tantric techniques, or follow the tantric path, have the overall goal of freeing the soul and expanding consciousness. This can be done in a number of ways, tantric sex being just one of them.

How to heal your heart

1. Be gentle

Be patient with this “unguarding” process. Don’t try to rush yourself. And don’t judge yourself for not going fast enough. Embrace yourself with love, understanding, compassion, and gentleness. And know that the level you’re willing to feel the prison your heart is also leading you to the same level of freedom you’ll attain. It may take some time before you feel any real shift. Continue every day practising, letting your shields know they’ve done their job and that it’s safe to stop protecting your ego. The more you can trust that who you are truly are needs no protection, the faster and easier your walls will come falling.

2. Loving touch

A way to bring relaxation to your heart, so that it can open, so that the shields can melt, is by caressing your body, your heart. Caress with your attention, your presence, but also

physically, with your fingers, your hands. Lie down comfortably, put on soft music. Make sure you are comfortable, warm and undisturbed. You can be naked or in comfortable clothes. Brush gently on your body. How, where, it doesn’t matter. Slow and soft. Do that for at least 5 minutes or so much longer that feels good. Touch sore or tense places and caress them gently. Then go to the chest, the area of the heart. Gently caressing your heart area in circular movements, getting closer to your heart. Soft and warm, full of attention for what is there you go ever closer to your heart. Then gently lay your hands on your heart. Calm down. Perhaps, if you still feel tension, make very soft rounds until you feel that relaxation starts. Embrace your heart with all the love that is in you …

3. Gratitude

One of the most powerful ways to soften the pain and to open your heart is gratitude. Being aware of and bringing focus to the wonderful things that happen in your life creates a feeling of deep gratitude. It is not about overruling or suppressing pain, discomfort or negative feelings. It’s just allowing to know that pain and pleasure are both parts of your life. Living your life means having it both. The feeling of gratitude can be overwhelming and create a major space for love in your heart and in your life. And in this loving space, healing can happen.

4. Heart meditation

Living with an open heart is wonderful. You feel good, and you feel loving. Living with an open heart gives you well-being: peace, balance, balance harmony in your life. You feel in connection with yourself, with others, with the world. When your heart chakra has opened, you feel safe, peaceful, joyful, loving, and completely at home.

Heart meditation is so amazingly helpful in healing the pain and opening your heart. An open heart does not mean that you only feel joy and happiness. It means that you can feel everything that wants to be felt. And that you can accept all those feelings and that you can live with them. That you can embrace the pain with your loving, healing presence.

There are a large number of ways to open your heart (chakra). In the article “21 benefits of heart meditation” you will find many ways to open your heart chakra, you will already find many. You can also use it in combination, and that way you get countless possibilities.

5. Living with an Open Heart

I want to bring our course Living with an open heart to your attention. Here, we will discuss this subject in great detail and offer a whole range of exercises, insights and (guided) meditations that will help you to open your heart (again). If you come across old (pain) pieces, we offer you support to heal and let go. Gradually you can open yourself more and more and you will get back to your original state of being, namely that you are Love.

After these practices, eventually, the shields will get in the habit of remaining down. When the heart opens enough where tears of gratitude can swell up inside you anytime during your day, healing is already happening. It takes a true warrior to trust in this heart-opening process, yet the levels of revelation and even happiness you’ll experience are guaranteed to be nothing like anything you’ve ever experienced before!

The greatest gift you can yourself

When your heart is no longer shielded, a truly amazing phenomenon occurs. Maybe there are people you once believed should be avoided. Then they might become a great opportunity to grow. An open heart is a divine gateway to exploring an entirely new world! You will be able to be vulnerable. And then your life can be juicer, richer.

You can reach out and let people in to feel you and see the real you. They can touch you so deeply that your heart becomes overwhelmed with tears of happiness you cannot contain. This all starts by allowing your heart to be more sensitive, open and receptive to the love which is within everything and everyone! This divine level of love is bigger than anything you have ever dreamed of.


If you can expand the limitations on love, if you can be in the act of giving and receiving love, you will be great.

Blessing of Shiva and Shakti, Lots of love


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