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Thank you for this unforgettable healing session. You made me feel comfortable and relaxed for the entire session. From the beginning of the session until the end, I could tell you were present and completely engaged. Your gentle and caring guidance allowed me to experience many new sensations and a deeper type of energy throughout my entire body. By the end of the session, my body and mind felt so energized and clear. You’re truly a gifted healer. 

Mark London UK

Dakini is very serious and responsible, and has accumulated a lot of life experience and wisdom. The care and nurturing of the body is very rare and precious. The whole process brought me a lot of self-reflection, and the ceremonial aspect of it also brought me a lot of experiences out of ordinary life. It brought me new directions and revelations for my life, especially more attention to the importance of the body. I hope that more people can return to the body under her influence and guidance, and embark on the path of exploration of the body.

Lee UK

I can not thank you enough for the session you gave me. So much tenderness and unconditional love from your side made me safe enough to access inner layers and wisdom. I have been so preoccupied with the state of my Lingam that I had forgotten about my inner fire and magma. So skillful of you to guide me with your loving hands/heart to

a place where I once again could connect to my deeper energies.I am eternally grateful that our paths crossed. 
With Love and Warmth  Richard Manchester 

 She is intuitive and extremely present. In session she noticed so many non-verbal signs and was following them, sometimes by actions, sometimes by just speaking, which gave sense that everything she does is not by the script but based on what she sees and feels. That felt incredibly powerful and made the session amazing from the first minutes. 

Lauren Paris

I had very high expectations before the session with Dakini but they were exceeded, almost beyond what I could imagine. The care, presence and holding she brought to the session was truly heart-felt, this combined with her magical hands made the experience profoundly healing. Crying, screaming, sobbing, raging and laughing hysterically for no apparent reason at all (i.e. nothing to understand intellectually about what happens) is very transformative in my opinion. If you have the opportunity to have a session with Ami, you may be in for a life-changing experience! Jonah Uk

She is amazing lady beautiful figure and angel hands, I felt totally safe and amazing healing definitely I will see her again. Lucia UK

I had tantric massage before but nothing compare my experience with Dakini she is a real tantric facilitator.
She looks stunning a real goddess.
Luck UK

My first session with Dakini was an amazing experience. A lot happened.

Sex has always been a problem for me due to a trauma that I experienced during my childhood. I still working on it, but Dakini provided a very safe place where I could share all my fears and insecurities without been judged.
David London

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