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What is involve in a Tantric session?

Tantra means Universe energy connection with your body, mind and soul.

A tantric facilitator knows how to manipulate the energy and connect the four elements fire, water, earth and air in the session to activate the sexual energy (kundalini) with sacred connection and body movements.

Most people get very confused about what is a tantra session and a lot of erotic massages use the name Tantra. But a tantric healing therapist can go beyond the very superficial erotic and take the client on a real journey of pleasure and orgasmic sensations, kundalini activation.

Sexual energy is not used only for sex or erotic games. It's present in any action, any emotion, without sexual energy, your body wouldn't respond.

When clients come to see me, I read their own energy. We have a moment to talk and observe; it's essential to have a consultation. It's part of my Tantra session.

I am an energy healer sensitive I can advise them on the best way to reconnect themselves to love energy.

In my tantric session, I always do a ritual before I start the massage.

The ritual depends on what I see in their energy field.

Unconditional love is always the place. I am totally connected to my client's energy to heal and send love as much as they give permission to receive.

Every touch is with love and respect.

We can heal our emotions through touch.

My session is based on touch and passes through my hand cosmic energy to my client's body.

It's a beautiful healing experience 🙏

Tantra is love in everything we see, smell, taste and touch.

Love and Peace

Shakti 💋💋💋


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