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Tantra Sacred Healing Session
60 min/ 300   90min/ £450   2h/£550  All sessions include 30 min consultation
*for any question about the session, please send me an email on contact 


I have more informantion about the                    session on my FAQ

At my temple in a very safe sacred space, we will start with 20 min consultation we will discuss about the boundaries and place your intention of the Tantra Sacred Healing.

I will ask you to have a shower and wear only a saron be on to cover your body, and I will wear a bodysuit the room will be warm and cosy, after that we will have kundalini meditation.

Sitting facing each other, we will begin the heart energy connection that includes eye gazing and soul love touching.

After heart connection, I start the bodywork Tantra Sacred Healing. I will focus more on your sacral chakra, releasing the negative emotion and activating your sexual energy kundalini.

I will facilitate your tantra journey and holding the space for you.

The session is totally about your time to enjoy to be nurture and connect with your love energy

Tantric experience mid-body soul
Body is the temple of pleasure connect with your love energy

Once your energy starts to flow this is something that you can palpably experience. The feeling is euphoric and has definite health benefits, as you feel more alive, your body is more supple, movement more fluid and the body shifts from being in a painful and blocked state of energy stagnation into the natural state of energy flow.
Your life will not be the same again. The experience of kundalini energy brings a quality of magic into your existence. As well as improving your health it gives you access to a deeply personal spiritual connection. The mechanics of this is that, when the energy is flowing up the spine and into the brain, the pineal gland starts to activate. The ancient Taoists realised that the pineal gland was central to our spiritual nature.

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