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What is Tantra?

Few words have been as misrepresented in languages ​​around the world as the word Tantra. Mentioning it out of time or place can cause discomfort, embarrassment, or even almost childish giggles from grown-up but uninformed adults.

Despite this, it is possible to say that few really know what Tantric therapy is. Have you ever stopped to think about it?

The role of the tantric therapist raises a lot of doubts. After all, what does SHE do? How does it work? Who does he serve? What does he deal with? A series of questions arise in the minds of people who still do not deeply know the power of Tantra.

If you want to know what tantric therapy really is and ask your questions about it, don't worry; We have prepared a complete article to help you demystify Tantra once and for all.

After all, what is tantric therapy?

To begin with, it is important to clarify what tantric therapy is not: sex.

If you come to a tantric therapy session with these expectations, frustration is certain. Likewise, if you receive this kind of approach from the person who assists you, know that you have not been in front of a serious professional.

The role of the tantric therapist must be to deprogram concepts, break paradigms, and cleanse her body of the conditioning she has regarding the stimuli he receives.

So what is tantric therapy anyway? Tantric therapy is a set of techniques that, when applied, change the biochemistry and perception we have of our body.

Demystifying tantric therapy

The tantric therapist will work with your sexuality, not sex. For this, Tantra presents a series of resources that were systematized in this therapy.

One of these tools is meditations. They help to dissolve the armor that bad emotions, repressions, and other experiences create in our body, making it lighter, and cleaning it off the somatizations that these unpleasant feelings can cause.

In addition, these meditations work on the hormonal production of various glands, generating discharges of serotonin, oxytocin, and other hormones linked to pleasure and joy.

It is also important to remember that tantric therapy and tantric massage are not synonymous. What is tantric therapy: a set of techniques that encompasses, among many other approaches, massage.

Therefore, tantric massage is just one of the jobs that a Tantra therapist can perform. A tantric massage has different purposes than a conventional massage; its function is to bring new sensations and give new meaning to the pleasure felt by the body.

As a first step, tantric massage seeks to spread the orgasmic sensation throughout the body, linking in this process muscle groups never used before in orgasm.

Yes, it is possible to feel orgasm – that bioelectrical reaction – in muscles throughout the body, not just the genitals.

This chaining helps to intensify, prolong and expand

the therapeutic effect of orgasm. From there, massage can be used to tone and strengthen the genital muscles, enabling them to sustain higher levels of bioenergy.

One of the main reasons for relationships to last so little, or to generate orgasms without intensity, is the hypotonic sexual muscles.

Just as an athlete needs to prepare his body and muscles to withstand a higher level of demand, the vaginal and penile muscles also need toning to sustain more energy, causing much more intense orgasms.

What is tantric therapy for?

All these techniques and developments show what tantric therapy is. It has been shown to be very useful in the treatment of various sexual dysfunctions, both male and female - anorgasmia, erection problems, premature ejaculation, and dyspareunia, among others.

Not only that, the practice of tantric therapy - by messing with brain biochemistry, hormone production, and other aspects of sensitivity - can lead the person to other states of consciousness, that is, it has a meditative character.

This whole process ends up changing the way you look at your sexuality. It takes the focus away from the psychogenic orgasm – the one in which we need to use the mind and its fantasies – and reactivates the original sexual center of our body, located near the base of our spine, right in the area where the Swadhisthana Chakra is located.

A journey that takes us away from the thoughts and artifices of the mind and takes us to the sensations of the body.

Whether as a treatment for problems and dysfunctions or as a path of self-knowledge, knowing what tantric therapy is and knowing its practices can be a liberating experience.

Main benefits

As you can see, there are several types of benefits involved in the practice of tantric therapy, whether it is done through massages, meditations, or any other form of approach.

Here are some of the main changes you can expect when starting to apply tantric therapy in your daily life:

Enhancement of the senses of the whole body;

Liberation from sexual repressions;

Increased libido;

Reduction of stress and anxiety levels;

Treatment of anorgasmia;

Treats sexual dysfunctions, such as premature ejaculation;

Reduction of pain during sexual intercourse;

Relief of muscular tensions;

Creating deeper bonds with your sexual partners.

Understand how tantric therapy works

Now that you know what tantric therapy is, you need to understand that, before anything else, tantric therapy begins with a process of getting to know you and your therapist.

The responsible professional must be able to communicate all the processes that will be executed, clearing doubts and working with insecurities as they arise.

The first step in tantric therapy is what we call anamnesis, that is, a kind of interview, where the therapist will better understand your reasons for seeking tantric therapy and which techniques can help in your self-knowledge process.

Blessings Shiva & Shakti


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