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Have you ever heard of tantric massage? Do you know its benefits? Tantric massage is a type of massage whose main objective is to redistribute the sexual energies of the body. It is a technique based on tantra and it is not a type of sex. Keep reading and learn more!

What is the origin of tantric massage?

Tantric massage is a therapeutic technique that emerged in India, based on ancient tantric fertility rituals and tantra. It is often associated with sex as tantra techniques end up expanding sexual boundaries, however, it is not a type of sexual relationship. It is sexual energy, and may or may not have an erection during the massage.

It can be said that the main objective of tantric massage is to provide body awareness and, in addition, pleasure through hand touches, thought, movement and breathing. This type of massage is done all over the body, there are touches on the penis and vagina, however, it has nothing to do with masturbation.

Tantric massage works in the development of self-awareness and harmony between all the senses: touch, hearing, smell, and taste. It emerged to break with the taboos that limited self-knowledge and, in this way, opened a space for new perceptions, new paths, and spaces of perceiving oneself.

It is also a therapy indicated for the treatment of depression and also premature ejaculation.

What is tantra?

Tantra, on which tantric massage is based, is a philosophy that originated more than five thousand years ago and is influenced by many religions, philosophical currents, and cultures.

Tantra is an ancient behavioral philosophy and a set of spiritual practices and teachings that seek to expand sensitivity through the body's bioenergy, with different therapeutic applications.

Bioenergetics is a science that believes in the ability to influence each person's emotional states through work with the body. For tantra, touching is knowing. In this philosophy, touch is stimulated at all times. In this way, touch can arouse and stimulate sensations, as well as excite.

Benefits of tantric massage

One of the main benefits of tantric massage is orgasm. That's because, since the beginning of sexual life, people are conditioned to experience orgasm only in one way, that is, by stimulating specific parts of the body.

Tantric massage comes to modify this, clear this pattern of behavior, and create new connections of pleasure in the body. Here are other benefits of this massage:

Relax the mind;

Enhances orgasm;

Reduces anxiety;

Provides more pleasure during sex;

Rebalances sexual energies;

Reduces physical and emotional tensions;

Increases sensitivity;

Helps to reach orgasm more easily;

It also helps in the fight against premature ejaculation and vaginismus.

In addition, tantric massage is also an excellent alternative for those who have already suffered sexual abuse, as it allows the person to reconnect with their own body and for various symptoms to be treated to return to feeling pleasure in sex.

It can still help a lot for women who can't have an orgasm, especially if it's for a psychological issue and not a physiological change, of course. It makes the woman discover pleasure throughout her entire body.

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How to do a tantric massage?

Unlike a conventional massage, which is capable of targeting tendons and muscles, tantric massage is done through subtle and delicate finger maneuvers.

That is, it is not intended to relax the muscle, but to stimulate the sensory channels of the entire body to better distribute energy. Therefore, it is possible to leave your hands free to awaken and sharpen sensitivity.

It is common for a tantric massage session to last one to two hours. In addition, it is recommended that you always have a conversation with the person about your life and experiences.

All this is in order to understand which points need to be worked on. The questions are usually about mental and physical health and what the patient expects from treatment.

It is also possible to do tantric massage as a couple so that they reconnect and discover new stimuli in each other. In this case, the tantric therapist plays more of a mentor role.

This therapist needs to be trained to do this type of massage,

Blessings Shiva and Shakti


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