kundalini Awakening Tantric Massage

Kundalini sexual energy is located in the based of our spine; most of the people are dormant like a sneak in a coil waiting to awaken the innate intelligence of embodied Consciousness.

Tantra Sacred Healing will facilitated your kundalini sexual energy to rise.

Path to intimacy and ecstasy.

Recognition+trust +heart connection + inner power.


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Tantra Sacred Healing Session

Connection mind body and soul

Activating points of energy in your skin through touch. 


 Neo-Tantra, Tao Tantra bodywork, white Tantra, kundalini activation techniques, balancing chakras and heart connection techniques are part of Tantra Sacred Healing treating the body as whole sacred love energy.


In our society today, fear and confusion about the whole design of one’s sexuality are prevalent. The practise of honoring the body, trust and love isn’t a common topic. However, the need for these things is healthy and necessary. 

The ancient Tantric techniques allow you to fully immerse in sacred sexuality, enjoy never-before-experienced moments of ecstasy and finally learn to create the orgasmic sex life of your dreams – with or without a partner!

Tantra Sacred Healing 
Release fear and toxic emotions


Real intimacy (both physical and emotional) starts with you.



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